Civil Fast Forward


Cross sections from right to left in Autodesk Civil 3D

In some cases you want to design in Autodesk Civil 3D the water channel to get your cross sections drawn from right to left in the reverse direction than usual.

If you want to (or have to) get the cross sections in the reverse direction you can use this method
and get them quite fast making small changes here and there.

Suppose that you move forward to your alignment direction and backward to the river flow direction and in the same time you look back at your cross sections which are drawn from right to left.


1. Set the Alignment direction the same as the river flow direction,

2. Select your Alignment and choose the alignment Properties,

3. Choose Station Control and click the Add station equation button,


4. Add a new Station equation on the end of the Alignment,
– Set the Raw Station Back = 0+000.00
– Set the Station Ahead as the negative value of the Alignment length
– Set the Increase/Decrease option to Increasing


5. Select your Alignment station label and change the Station Value Sign to the drop sign,


6. Your Station values now are reversed to the river flow,


7. Select the Profile View Style and choose the Graph,

8. Change the Profile View direction as Right to left,


9. Select your Profile View Properties and choose Bands,

10. Choose your Band style and change the Station Value Sign to the drop sign,


11. Create your Assembly remembering that it will be shown from the right to the left direction,


12. Check the result on the Corridor to see that you’ve created cross sections as you wanted
from right to left (in the opposite direction than usual – from left to right):


13. Select your Section View Style and choose the Title annotation,

14. Choose the Title content and change the Station Value Sign to the drop sign,


15. Select View Group Properties and change Plot rules to By columns and Start corner: Lower Right,


16. Finally you’ll get the proper result on the Cross section and also the proper values for your Alignment and the Profile View: