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Make your own grade “1 IN 2” description format

You can change the grade format to the form which is used in your country or which you prefer
in Autodesk Civil 3D.
In spite of that it’s the same grade, the format that describes it may vary the meaning.

If you look at the same grade described as run:rise or rise:run format you can describe it in two ways:

You can choose that the first one will be “rise” and this grade format is called rise:run


You can also choose that the first one will be “run” and this grade format is called run:rise.


In some cases you may want to use more complex formats of the grade.
If you want to build the expression format like e.g. 1 IN 2 do the following steps:

1. Build your own expression and give it a meaningful name e.g. myRun


1/ABS({Grade between Point 1 and Point 2})

2. Build your own grade label and use the myRun expression
- add a constant description 1 IN and add the myRun expression
- change the myRun Precision into 1




3. You will get your preferred description format


If you want to show the minus sign in this format e.g. -1IN2 do the following steps:

4. Add a new expression and give it a meaningful name e.g. mySign


{Grade between Point 1 and Point 2}/ABS({Grade between Point 1 and Point 2})


5. Use this expression in your label in the first position




6. Now you can also show the sign of your grade

Using this method you can build your own formats like e.g.

1 IN 2, 1 in 2 … and many similar


  1. Fantastic timing! I just happened to need this on a new project and your explanation is brilliant. It’s a wonder that this format doesn’t come OOTB to be honest.

  2. Louis /

    Thanks for making such a killer blog. My spouse and i come on the following all the time and also am floored with all the fresh data here.

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