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Create a new alignment from a polyline

Using this method you can join two or more designed alignments in one in Autodesk Civil 3D
This method is very fast and quite easy.

Using it you can:
- Join two or more short alignments in a long one,
- Add a polyline to an alignment to create a new alignment,
- Create a new alignment form two separate alignments.

1. Convert a new polyline into an alignment:
Home > Create Design > Alignment and choose Create Alignment from Objects

2. Call this new alignment “Alignment – 2”,
3. Then export these both alignments “Alignment – 1” and “Alignment – 2” to the landXML file,

4. Open the landXML file e.g. in the Notepad and edit it, you can also use the internet browser to watch the LandXML data structure or use your favorite XML editor,


5. Delete the lines from the LandXML file data:

- the last line of the first alignment and
- the first line of the second alignment,

<Alignment name=”Alignment – 2″ length=”1211.255997059351″ staStart=”0.” desc=”">

6. Change the name of the first alignment,

<Alignment name=”Alignment – 1″ length=”1232.154863905401″ staStart=”0.” desc=”">

<Alignment name=”Alignment – 3″ length=”1232.154863905401″ staStart=”0.” desc=”">

7. Import the new landXML file data with “Alignment – 3” to Civil 3D, you will see the new alignment.


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