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Make Spiral-Curve-Spiral table with the automatic extension lines

- Use your own Spiral-Curve-Spiral values descriptions in the table,
- Make the table with your own automatic short extension lines.

You can add the Spiral-Curve-Spiral parameters descriptions
with these automatic extension lines to the alignment.

These lines will be automatically upgraded every time when you change an alignment parameter.
This method is especially useful when you print the Spiral-Curve-Spiral labels on the plan drawings.

1. Add the new tangent intersection label,
2. Change the text contents by adding some properties for the curve and spirals parameters
which you want to show e.g. Curve Radius, Curve Length, and “A” value for spirals,

3. Change the Border visibility for true and its style for Rectangular,

4. Add a block marker for the intersection point,
5. Add the new expressions for the input and output line of the angle,

-(pi/2)-({PI Included Angle}/2)
-(pi/2)+({PI Included Angle}/2)

6. Add a new line and call it Line.1, then use one of the expressions,

7. Add another line and call it Line.2, then use the second expression for it.

Now when you change the alignment or any Spiral-Curve-Spiral parameters,
the label will upgrade automatically its short extension lines of the marker.



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