Civil Fast Forward


A Profile Elevation in the Alignment Label

If you want to add your own Flange Elevation expression in Autodesk Civil 3D,
you can do it this way:

1. Go to the Home menu and open the Toolspace palette,
2. Select Settings, choose the Profile node and select the Label Styles node,
3. Select the Horizontal Geometry Point and choose Expressions,
4. Click the right mouse button and select New to add your new expression,


5. Set the Expression Name and add your Flange Expression e.g. {Profile Elevation}-1,


6. Select the Format Result type as Double and click OK,
7. Go to your Alignment Station Offset Label and Edit it,
8. In the Label Style Composer select Layout and add Reference Text,


9. Change the Name of the Reference Text e.g. FLA Elevation if you plan to add more of your own reference Texts,
10. Choose the Text node and edit Label Text,
11. Choose myFlange expression from Properties,
12. You can optionally adjust myFlange properties e.g. Precision to 0.01,


13. Click OK button and close the Label Style Composer,
14. Add your new Alignment Offset Label,
15. Select this label and choose its Properties,


16. Change Reference Text Objects and select the profile manually or from the list,


17. If you have to add more Flange Labels just copy your label by using the Copy command.




This method works also in Autodesk Civil 3D 2010,


you can define the same expression and use it in your flange elevation label.