Civil Fast Forward


Major section grade break Labels with a Percent Controller

If you want to add grade break labels to the major section grade only (where the difference is greater than 1%) you can add labels with an offset and an elevation to hundreds of crosses sections for a surface and change a percent controller globally in Autodesk Civil 3D.

Dynamic corridor elevations descriptions

If you want to describe elevations of a pavement on a site plan by elevation points (not by a contours plan) you can do it in Autodesk Civil 3D by adding some particular points which will be:

Create cross sections reversed to a stations

In most cases cross sections are consistent to a stations direction.
You can change this order e.g. in hydrology projects where a constrution work direction is reversed to a river flow direction in Autodesk Civil 3D.

Make your own grade “1 IN 2” description format

You can change the grade format to the form which is used in your country or which you prefer
in Autodesk Civil 3D.
In spite of that it’s the same grade, the format that describes it may vary the meaning.

Make your own vertical distance label

Make your own vertical distance label showing a distance between two profiles on any location.
You can measure the vertical distance on your Profile View.

This method work in Autodesk Civil 3D 2012 and 2011, 2010